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Gruio Technology provide customers with reliable and steady android digital signage board and project solutions. In the choice of CUP , we have dual core 32 bit , quad core 32 bit, big/small octa core 32 bit,quad core 64 bit, octa core 64 bit.As for display in different LCD,we have same touch screen same displaying,different displaying and three LCD different displaying technology.At the same time,we gather some good experience in 4G intercom and Image quality increasing technology.

In accordance with provisions of company,our testing department and quality department are strict to each testing process,containing design,engineering,mass production.At last,we get ROHS,ESD,EMC and temperature/ humidity testing report.We do not only let the test ok , but to confirm the products use steady in customers’application environment.Meanwhile,we have a series of testing and burn-in equipment to finish the whole work,which will test the unusual on/off more than 3000 times and confirm the consistency of quality in each mass production.

Thru many years of accumulation,we are able to meet customers’custom require and design the board to avoid potential problems in each case.Importantly,we do not recommend the unsteady hardware project or the one we are not good at.Sincerely,we do not hide the problems before we start customers’case.

With the persistent high quality pursuit and dedicated service ,we win the customers’trust.

Standard Production Line( OEM factory high speed SMT)

Professional testing in Burn-in Chamber 

Strict Quality Control (QA/QC relevant workers in factory often)


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