Smart managing the program play , real time updating the weather , keeping controlling warning , and increasing the safety of elevator .

Client Function

1. Display each floor , direction , beyond load, fire warning , checking and so on.

2. Date , week , time and so on .

3. Real time release rolling subtitles, notification ,news , weather forecast, festival greetings and so on . 

4.Play pictures , animation ,video and so on;play back music , station report, broadcast floor .

 Electric saving operation 

When the elevator stops. It shows off automatically ,in order to longer the LCD’s life ,

Power saving . After the elevator starts ok , the LCD returns to normal situation .

Data acquisition 

Data acquisition by the usb camera , and record the data by ethernet .

Service Framework

 Base on B/S structure of WEB , to make and release the programs, the terminal management as well . The following is detail : 

1. According to time axis to make advertising , divide the screen freely , and can combine web page , video , audio , animation , picture , rolling test, and so on .

2.User permission management , different users can set different operate permission,  the user permitted can manage and project his /her own sources.

3. Support weather information , simulate and digital clock components .

4.  Manage schedule ,set the interface broadcast mode ( by day , week , month , carousal , real time interrupt broadcast ), and make red hint for the not proper programs .

5.Interrupt the current program for the urgent programs and notice .


Program released should be examined and approved level by level .

1. Terminal team divide management , manage terminal broadcast programs , control terminal reset and turn off , show the terminal internet connection situation IP , current program by real time . 

2. Send the programs to the assigned terminal steadily and reliably thru internet .

3. Real time release programs or stock the program pack locally .


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