With the development of digital signage board , digital advertising is more and more important , specially taken as one of new medias in online LCD advertising. What’s more, it already becomes the advertising’s beautiful sight , and used widely in hotel , transportation , education ,retail , medical and so on .

Market Analyze :


In different place , different product content , different period. There is different point of thinking before starting the use . In premise of common denominator , advertising machine updates at soonest time and fixed time to make it more acceptable and welcome. Targeted putting on market or entered according to customers’ demand, it is a kind of technical work .In analysis of users , if your products aim for the Young, your advertising time may be set from afternoon to evening .If your users are the elder , then choose the morning or late afternoon . 

Surely , we also choose the right place and right content to make the advertising effect best . In advertising machine , there is a function of timer, this will help for the

Different time broadcasting and real time on /off . Reasonable time plan can reduce

The waste , advertise effect and make the advertising revenue maximization .In a word , How to put the advertising into market , and how to make the effect maximization is the main point .

Hardware System Function : 

Allwinner Quad Core A31S CPU

Size : 149*90*19MM 

RAM / ROM : 1G DDR , 8G Flash ( optional of 2G+8G , 16G , 32G )

1080P HD LCD display 

USB2.0*4 UART*5

LCVDS Output *1 ,  LCD Back light connect *1 

HDMI Output *1 ,  Earphone/ Mic  Socket *1

2*10W speaker output *1 , SD or TF Card *1 

100M ethernet *1 , Human body induction *1

RTC time socket *1 , Remote control receiver socket *1

Support different display , work at same time for different task in different screen           

modify screen data by PC terminal  ,faster              

Support 3G / 4G module

Software Development Function Request

1.Because of the decentralized  distribution of megamalls and supermarket ,Remote controlling for each player / multi-media server on authorized LIC is requested.

2.The system must support to operate and manage the WAN ,for each media player in the net are connected by WAN .

3.It is requested to support video live function ,such as meeting ,news report ,live conference.

4.It must support different video files.

5.When the net cut sudden , it must can continue to load the files again .

6.It must support interrupted broadcast .

7.It has the function of controlling remote player’s on/off , reset,real time ,voice .

8.The system must be B/S structure, then it can order player task, release, equipment management thru internet.

9.It is ok for the news  broadcast in internet.

10.Mplayer must be industrial steady and reliable .


Base on the above situation , our Gruio Technology launches Allwinner  dual core quad coreocta core series of web android advertising machines to meet different customers’ demand .Our hardware is excellent in feature/characteristic, what’s more , our android digital signage board are compatible with many development system in market . Our long-term partners are as below:

As you know,it is not enough to be compatible with just a few development system , our company is able to customize development system for different customers , and support them with perfect solutions . 


For example , our management technicians can control each terminal when or how to release on-sale news thru the development system .e.g.s : between 09:00 to 10:00 , broadcast “ CHANGHONG TV” on-sale news in the electric appliance area non-stop.

In food area , broadcast “Luhua peanut oil” “Gold King Rice” “Robust mineral water”by order and non-stop way . 

       What’s important , our system can be accurate to each area , such as ChangHong TV advertising in electric appliance ;Haier refrigerator and washing machine  advertising in Haier counter.

       In additional, when the shelves are adjusted by megamalls , our management technicians can group again by the development system . Such as , the electric appliance area changed into the wine area, the cloth area divided into kid area and toy area. These group can be finished without the changing of lines.


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