Courier to you , but you’re not in ? How will you do ? You let the neighbor or estate to help ? Or even inform the courier to come up again ? Now there is intelligent express cabinet to do this  , this issue is solved easily . According to the State Postal Bureau data shows :  just in year of 2014 , express packages quantities is up to 14 billion , and it will increase at the speed of 20% each year , “ final 100 meters “ already becomes the bottleneck of express industry. Luckily , the Intelligent express cabinet solves this , and it works more efficiency , faster , even changes the old situation of “ person waiting person “ , the “final 100 meters” does not exist any more .


Main Applications

Infrared Touch 

Same screen different display

USB port

Remote audio/video management and time setup 

Ethernet , Wifi , 3G /4G 

Remote timer power on/off 

Induction access 



The courier should register a new function of express delivery , in the screen of cabinet , choose “ delivery “ “scan” “ choose right size box “ “ entry the telephone of customer “ , then the door will be opened automatically . After the courier close the box , the customer will get a message from the intelligent express system , it write the address and number of box . Finally , the customer can use the number to open the box and get his/her parcel . When customer operate the cabinet touch screen for his /her parcel , just do as the guide  ,and enter the telephone last four number and the express delivery number , the box door will

be opened automatically ,then can get the parcel ,close the door . 


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