With the development of advertising technology, now advertising machine industry is mature and cost -save . It is like an iron chain to link different fields.Such as the following applications: bus, coach, taxi, hotel, restaurant, bank, school, shopping mall, bus station, train station, subway station, hospital, shop, bar,KTV, sales center, exhibition hall, stadium, museums and so on.

It is a complete system consisting of terminal software , internet information transfer and multi media terminal display . Meanwhile , advertising by pictures, words , videos .

LCD AD Player ‘s information release increase good brand image to the shopping mall / store’s commodities  , and give them vivid descriptions.


1 products ,advertising and booth address information videos are released by the U disk playing .


2 new product information, activities introductions are uploaded by adding WIFI or 3G module.


3 through the combinations of large screen display dynamic video,script , rolling advertisement ,broadcasting new commodities and on-sales goods, successfully catch customers ‘attention .


4 the screen can guide the new customers to the target stores .


5 bringing convenience and convenience to shoppers.


6 automatically updating the product directly, you can achieve the management of the terminal, distributed download, synchronized playback.


7 terminal online monitoring and management functions, achieving remote restart, pause, upgrade, file deletion.



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